Landscape Curbing in Stevens, PA

Being a landscape curb contractor may be a home based business for you if you don't mind getting paid well for working hard.

landscape curbing in Stevens, PA is a booming business that involves the installation of small concrete curbs around flowerbeds and gardens. There is a good chance that you have been seeing this type of work in your neighborhood and if you haven't you soon will be. For examples of what I am talking about, please look at the resources found at he end of the article.

When you consider a business opportunity a few questions usually present themselves.

What can I make? You can earn $500 to $3500 or more a day. The retail price for curbing varies around the country, but can vary between $2.20 to $7.00 a foot and sometimes higher (call a local curb contractor and get a quote).

The cost in materials (sand and cement) is usually less than .50 cents a foot. For example, a cubic yard of sand can cost about $30.00, add to that 6 bags of concrete at $10.00 a bag and you have about $90 in material. For a 6-inch wide, 4-inch deep sloped curb you can get about 225 feet out of a yard of mix. That works out to about .40 cents per foot.

You will need some help at least one other person. An experienced, efficient crew of two people can lay 500 to 700 feet a day. If you pay your labor $10.00 per hour your labor costs per hour are less than .20 cents a foot. landscape curbing in Stevens, PA. landscape curbing in Stevens, PA. There are other expenses (advertising, fuel, insurance etc.) but they are less than .20 cents a foot.

So your gross profit can be a $1.00 to $5.00 a foot or more. If you do the math you can see that $500 to $3500 a day in gross profit is possible.

I apologize for getting so detailed with the numbers, but a lot of business opportunities are a lot of hype. I wanted to lay out the numbers so you can check my figures and know that this is a real opportunity. When you check my numbers you will realize I have been conservative.

What are the drawbacks to this business opportunity? The work is hard. The materials that you are using are heavy and moving them around is work. But you only have to work as hard as you want. Many curb contractors work part time and only do this business as they want to. The work is also seasonal in a large part of the country, but many of the curbers that I know enjoy having December and January off.

I have watched many people start this business and become extremely successful. This is opportunity that is exploding all across the USA and this is the time to get started.

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